How to "read" an ancestors grave.

 St Peter, Astley, Worcestershire
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The church stands on a knoll dominating the surrounding area. Parts of the original early 12th Century nave and chancel remain, mainly on the south side, additions and alterations being made in the late 12th, 15th, 16th and 20th centuries.
Two tombs belonging to the Blount family are of interest for they show how the two men died. Walter Blount, who died in 1561, is shown wearing armour, with a helmet under his head, gauntlets by his side, a chain round his neck, an open book in his hand and a lion at his feet. He died by the sword at war. Robert, who died in 1573, is also in armour, but his hands are in an attitude of prayer and he has a dog at his feet showing that he died peacefully at home.

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