Torpedoed in the Bay of Biscay in 1918

Leominster Cemetery, Leominster, Herefordshire 
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This was a typical neat urban cemetery with lots of squirrels and toadstools.
 Thomas Owen Price died on from the British S. S. Philomel. "The Philomel was the leading ship of the right column of a south-bound convoy from Brest to La Palice. No submarine or torpedo was seen at any time, nor was the submarine detected by the listening devices. The Philomel was struck on the starboard side, under the bridge, and, following the explosion, she swung to starboard out of the column and was immediately abandoned. At 6:14 P.M, about thirty minutes after being struck, the Philomel began to sink by the bow, taking a very sharp angle until her bow seemed to rest on the bottom. A minute later she disappeared from sight, with steam escaping and her whistle blowing. "   
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