Group update - March 2015

It has been an "interesting" couple of weeks as the Administrator of this Facebook group!

There has been a sudden flurry of Chinese spammers trying to join us. None as far as I know have sneaked past my ever watchful eyes. Strangely over the same time-frame there have been far fewer genuine applications from possible new members so if you do know of anybody who might be interested please point them in our direction. 

OK - I am rather surprised and disappointed by the lack of sales of my "Unusual Gravestones" book. There are over 2000 members of the group but fewer than 1% of you purchased a copy from Amazon or

I absolutely understand that there will be people who are not in a position to spend money on a book. But I don't think Claire and I are being unreasonable to expect at least 10% of members to show their support for the work we do.  

Every member who buys a book is helping us to continue searching for unusual graves to show you.