Do you enjoy the photos I post every day?

Claire and I have posted over 850 different pictures to Facebook in the last 12 months - please ask yourself if are they worth 1 cent each to you?

At the moment you get to see all our gravestone discoveries for free but sadly I don't think the current situation can continue. We are having to travel further and further to reach sites that haven't already been surveyed and the total investment in time and money we made in 2015 would probably shock you.

If you do enjoy looking at our work then please help us continue the hunt by buying a copy of Grave Hunting - Tips and Tales. Remember it is the small profit from the sales of our books that pay for the trips where we take the photos you seem to enjoy so much.
  • Introduction Why go grave hunting?
  • How to hunt for gravestones safely.
  • When to go grave-hunting.
  • How to find the grave that you want.
  • Photograph the gravestones you have discovered.
  • Should you clean the gravestones?
  • Keeping records during your graveyard visits.
  • Do look inside the church.
  • Be polite and respectful.
  • Churchyard maintenance.
  • How do I find every church?
  • Survival tips!
  • Potential technical disasters.
  • Publicise the results of your grave-hunts.
  • Contact with other grave-hunters.
  • What else have we learned?
  • Research Unexpected pleasures (and disappointments).
  • These are gravestones, but you have to laugh sometimes…..!
  • Review of our year of 2015.
  • More projects.
  • Conclusion.
This book is now available from both and

Claire and Martin Nicholson - Shropshire, UK (January 2016)