The wall memorial to Lady Mary Cookes, died 1694.

St Bartholomew, Tardebridge, Worcestershire 
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It seems certain that there was a church, ‘dedicated to St Bartholomew’, on the site in 1138. This was when the parish of Tardebigge formed part of the endowment of Bordesley Abbey. The present St Bartholomew’s is not the (seemingly much grander) church described in the eighteenth century. Despite its ‘imposing monuments’ and ‘stately pillars’, that building was effectively destroyed when the tower collapsed in September 1775. The rebuilding of the church was completed in 1777, in a position slightly to the north of the old one.

The wall memorial to Lady Mary Cookes, died 1694, has barley sugar columns, and a relief medallion of Mary and her husband.

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