Ossuary in Poschiavo, Switzerland

These skulls are in a little chapel beside the San Vittore Mauro Church. The skulls were excavated during renovations of the church in 1902/3.

Borth, Ceredigion, St Matthew's Church

General view of the church

"The inhabitants of Borth enclose this space to perpetuate the memory of the three men washed up on the shore 1916-17 during the Great War". 

 Two of the three men were recently identified, and remembered in a memorial service.  Prosper Charles Colman was one of 32 crewmen lost from the Memphian when it was torpedoed by U-boat 96

Squadron leader John Edward Gibbs and his wife Pamela Florence (Jankey) nee Sanderson

Gladys Nellie Naish who died aged 100 years

Lilian May Richards, mother of Ella, Una and Audrey and a son who died in infancy

Claire was surprised to see these gravestones for pets just outside the churchyard.

Oxfordshire, Blenheim Palace Chapel

"The chapel was finished in 1733, eleven years after Marlborough’s death. He was buried in Westminster Abbey. Sarah designed the suitably huge monument to him on the south wall and Marlborough’s body was reinterred here beside Sarah after her death. it shows an admiring Sarah looking up at John Churchill with their two young sons who both died before their father. Their daughters are forgotten. On either side of the sarcophagus are History with her quill and Fame with her trumpet. The sarcophagus itself is crushing the last enemy of all, envy."

Bladon, Oxfordshire, St Martin's Church

Grave of Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine

Diana Churchill, Sarah Churchill, Christopher Soames, Mary Soames.  Daughter of Winston & Clementine Churchill

John Strange Spencer Churchill and his wife Yvonne

Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan.  Mother of the 10th Duke of Marlborough

Winston Spencer Churchill

The Danish Resistance Movement pays homage to the Memory of Sir Winston Churchill

John Albert Edward William, 10th Duke of Marlborough.  Mary Alexandra Beatrice, Duchess of Marlborough.

John H. Smith J.P

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Seven signers of the Declaration of Independence

Religious Liberty.  Dedicated to the people of the United States by the Order B'Nai B'Rith and Israelites of America.

James Wilson, a signer of the Declaration of Independence

Captain William White Dorr

Ann Tallman D'A Costa.  Her life was devoted to the cause of Christ and His Church.  Being one of the Founders of the Sunday School of this Parish, and for over Fifty years its Superintendent.  She was also one of the Founders and active members of the Ladies Missionary Association of Christ Church.

Founders who in 1695 brought the English Church to this colony.

The original eight bells in this Church brought from England in 1754 proclaimed our independence on July 4, 1776.  Two bells were added in 1947 in memory of the men from this, the oldest business neighborhood in the United States of America who served in World War II.  All now ring freedom for the world.

Elizabeth Fergusson


Francis Hopkinson, signer of the Declaration of Independence

George Ross, served in the Continental Congress and signed the Declaration of Independence

Joseph Hewes.  Delegate to all five provincial congresses.  Member Continental Congress.  Signer of Declaration of Independence

Peter Kurtz Sr, organist of Christ Church for 41 years

Col. Edward Buncombe.  A North Carolina revolutionary war hero. 

Gerald J. Connelly Jr, seaman, soldier, safecracker.

Edwin Jesse DeHaven.  Commanded the 1st Grinnell expedition to the Arctic in search of Sir John Franklin.

John Clark.  Whilst laudably engaged in saving his Fellow Citizens property from the Flames was suddenly killed by the falling of the wall of the building on Fire.

Benjamin Rush, M.D.  Father of American Psychiatry.  Signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Passed Midshipman James Lawrence

Matthew Clarkson

William Henry Drayton

B. Franklin, Printer

Francis Bowes Sayre, M.D.  Died of yellow fever in Philadelphia bravely caring for patients in the epidemic.

Commodore Uriah Phillips Levy

In memory of the many American Soldiers who, during the war for independence, died prisoners of war in the jails of Philadelphia and were buried in this ground.


Memorial to Unknown Soldiers.


Betsy Ross's grave next to her house