ALBERT MANDER January 1889? -23 July 1917 - In memoriam

As we approach Remembrance Sunday, I remember Albert Mander, who died on 23 July, 1917 in Iraq.  He is buried in the CWGC cemetery at Baghdad (North Gate), grave no. XX.C.10.

Albert was my grandmother Clara's older brother.  Their parents were Robert (born 1844)and Ellen Mander (1856-1899).

The family comprised:

Alfred (born 1877), Frederick Charles (1878), Benjamin T.(Tom, born 1881), Joseph (1883), Edith Ellen (1886), Albert (1889-1917), Florence Maria (1892), and Clara (12 February 1895-8 July 1978).

The family lived in Wolverhampton - in Fox Lane in 1881, in Parkfield Road in 1891, and in Compton Street in 1901.

Albert joined the British expeditionary Force in Mesopotamia on 14 October 1916. He was wounded in January 1917, and recovered to rejoin the North Staffordshire Regiment in April 1917.  He was employed with the transport section, responsible for caring for mules, until he was found lying unconscious.  A Court of Inquiry into his death concluded that he died of heatstroke precipitated by the kick of a mule.

His widow Mary, received a pension, and was left with two children - Annie, born 1 July 1913, and Albert, born 13 July 1916.  Mary subsequently remarried and became Mary Cooper by June 1920, living at 50 Great Brickiln Street, Wolverhampton.

Clara married Ralph Raybould in 1922, and had two sons, Ralph Douglas (born 1923), and Kenneth Frank (born 1925) who became my father.  The only relative I remember was Clara's sister Florence - Auntie Floss who had married Frank Hooper and had one son, also named Frank.

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