29 members of the mostly American crew were lost in the sinking of the Armenian

 St Enodoc, near Trebetherick, Cornwall
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St Enodoc Church, Trebetherick is a chapel of ease in the parish of St Minver. Wind-driven sand has formed banks that are almost level with the roof on two sides. From the 16th century to the middle of the 19th century, the church was virtually buried by the dunes and was known locally as "Sinking Neddy".
On 28 June 1915 the Armenian was engaged by the German submarine U-24 off Trevose Head, Cornwall. After a failed attempt at escape the crew were allowed to abandon ship and the vessel was sunk by two torpedoes fired into her stern. Twenty-nine members of the mostly American crew were lost in the sinking, along with the vessel's cargo of 1,400 mules.
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