Wiliam Beesley, a winner of the Victoria Cross in 1918

 St Pauls Cemetery, Coventry, Warwickshire
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What a small sign for what was quite a large cemetery.
Wiliam Beesley, a winner of the Victoria Cross and so a very brave man.
On 8 May 1918 at Bucquoy, France, when Private Beesley's platoon sergeant and all the section commanders were killed he took command. Single-handed he rushed a post, shot four of the enemy, took six prisoners and sent them back to our lines. He and a comrade then brought his Lewis gun into action, inflicting many casualties and holding their position for four hours until the second private was wounded. Private Beesley, by himself, maintained his position until nightfall, when he returned to the original line with the wounded man and the Lewis gun which he kept in action until things had quietened down.

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