Confederate Memorial - Arlington National Cemetery

 Confederate Memorial - Arlington National Cemetery
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A general view of this historic site.

By the end of 1901 all the Confederate soldiers buried in the national cemeteries at Alexandria, Virginia, and at the Soldiers' Home in Washington were brought together with the soldiers buried at Arlington and reinterred in the Confederate section. There are 46 officers, 351 enlisted men, 58 wives, 15 southern civilians, and 12 unknowns in concentric circles around the Confederate Monument.
To further honor these citizens of the South, the United Daughters of the Confederacy petitioned to erect a major monument to the Confederate dead. On March 4, 1906 Secretary of War William Howard Taft granted their request.  Chosen to design the memorial was the world-renowned sculptor, Moses Ezekiel. Ezekiel brought more than just his artistic talents to this project for he was also a Confederate veteran who knew first-hand the horrors of the Civil War. He is now buried at the base of the famous monument which he created.
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