My cemetery blog 1,000,000th reader. Wow!

When I started my cemetery-related blog back in July 2013 I hoped that I would receive about 100 page views a day - and that was pretty much what happened.  What I never expected was the subsequent rapid growth in visitor numbers that I experienced.

By July 2014 I was getting 300 page views a day, by July 2015 it was 500, by July 2016 1,100 and by July 2017 it was 1,400 a day. On one memorable Saturday in 2017 3,950 pages were viewed!

Here is just a sample of some particularly interesting graves my wife and I have discovered - 

Sir John Beauchamp was beheaded on Tower Hill and buried in Worcester Cathedral. 

The splendid tomb of Sir Giles Reed and his family is one of the finest examples in the whole country.

Remembering the Kegworth Air Disaster of 1989.

This is one of the saddest poems we have ever read on a grave!

Henry Martin Sandbach died "from the effects of wounds received while lion hunting in Somaliland".

Leonard Lewis "died from the result of an accident in this Church Yard, in the service of the Church".


Where is the best place to see pictures of other unusual graves?