Monmouth, Monmouthshire - St Mary Priory Church

The church was dedicated in 1101 by Bernard, chaplain to Henry I, in the presence of Gwethenoc, the founder, and Abbot William of Saumur in Anjou.  The church was rebuilt in 1882, retaining Norman remains and the 14th century tower.

This most unusual gravestone has a "wordsearch" type inscription which reads "Here lies John Renie" in every direction.  Start at the large central "H".

W. Howse was a saddler in Monmouth.

Eleanor was the wife of George Bennett, a pawnbroker, who died in 1826.

Elizabeth Powles was "for Several Years Principal Treble in the Choir of St Mary's Church". 

"Reader only stand and think That I am in Eternity And thou art on the brink."

Belfry Rules

Staunton Parish Church

1863 re-illuminated 1904

1.  The Ringers to be sober well conducted men and regular attendants at Church.

11.  No Ringer to be taken into the company except with the consent of the Rector and Churchwardens.

111.  The Bells are never to be rung to celebrate any political triumph nor any marriages except such as are celebrated at Church.

1V.  The ringing shall always cease at ix p.m. except on Christmas and New-Year's Eves.

V.  Every Ringer shall be present in due time before Morning and Evening Service on Sunday, to chime the Bells, (if required) except when obliged to be absent.

V1.  No idle persons or children shall be allowed in the Church during the Ringing.

V11.  Any money collected to be placed in the hands of one of the company and divided equally at the end of the Year.

V111.  The Ringers should always remember that the Church is the House of God, and carefully avoid all profane language or behaviour.

A careful look at this memorial tablet to the Phillpott family reveals that the inscription appears to have been made on top of an earlier inscription.

This memorial to Joseph Price, born in 1726, and died in 1796, tells that he went to India when young.  In the war with France 1778 he commanded two Forty Gun Ships.  He was afterwards appointed by the East India Company to the Office of Marine Pay Master and Naval Store Keeper.

Robert Bevan was a Physician for more than thirty years to both the poor and the rich.