The 17th century lives and deaths of the Skynner family

 St Michael and All Angels, Ledbury, Herefordshire
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St Michael and All Angels Church in Ledbury is reckoned to be the finest non-monastic church in Herefordshire. It is one of the seven churches in Herefordshire to have a separate bell tower. This beautiful vast church is mostly 13th and 14th century with Anglo-Saxon origins.
On the right hand wall of the sanctuary, this 17th century monument records the lives of Edward and Elizabeth Skynner, who both lived into their 80s. Elizabeth is wearing a hat that would not disgrace someone attending a wedding today! Their baby, who died young, is shown between their kneeling figures, and their five sons and five daughters who survived to adulthood are shown below. One daughter is holding a skull as a sign that she died before her parents.

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