A remarkable stone effigy dressed in funeral garments

St Mary, Hartpury, Gloucestershire
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The present church, now dedicated to St. Mary, was built before 1100 and like all early Norman churches, would have been dark with massively thick walls and small round arched high-level window openings. During the early part of the 14th century the original windows in the nave were enlarged and the present large presbytery (chancel) and sanctuary were added to accommodate the more elaborate ceremonial of the time. The tower was built detached, but immediately adjoining the church, during the early part of the 14th century.
Lying in the shade of an overhanging yew, to the north of the Church there is a fine ‘listed’ table tomb, which records that Thomas Sloper died on 13th April 1703. The most remarkable feature is the stone effigy that surmounts it. Dressed in cerements or grave clothes of exuberant and deeply carved drapery, the figure is assumed to be that of Joane, his wife, who died in 1676. It is modelled on the reclining effigy so often found on interior monuments but almost never seen outside.

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