Arlington National Cemetery catch up post 3

Army Air Forces, killed July 4 1945 Celebes Island Southwest Pacific

Richard E Byrd Jr, Medal of Honor RADM US Navy

Finn Ronne Captain U.S. Naval Reserve Polar Explorer

John and Jacqueline Kennedy graves

Robert Francis Kennedy grave

Levi Calvin Bertolette, Commander US Navy.  There are still traces of colour of the national flag draping the memorial.

Union General Philip H. Sheridan, the highest ranking officer interred at Arlington in the 19th century.

Tomb of Pierre Charles L'Enfant, known as Peter in America, who designed the basic plan of Washington.

Remains of 2,111 unknown soldiers

Major General Philip Kearny.  Depicted without his left arm, which was amputated after he was wounded in the Battle of Churubusco in the Mexican War.

Canadian war memorial

Space Shuttle Challenger Memorial

American hostages in Iran memorial

Space Shuttle Columbia Memorial

Crew of Space Shuttle Columbia Memorial