Arlington National Cemetery Catch Up Post 4

Crew of the USS Monitor

Joe Louis The Brown Bomber.  World Heavyweight Chamption.

Korean War First International Tribute

Memorial to the Battleship "Maine", which exploded in Cuba on 15 February 1898, killing 260 of the crew of 355.  The memorial  incorporates the ship's main mast which was recovered and brought to Arlington in 1912.

Clyde B Shropshire Maj US Marine Corps

Leslie Coffelt. White House Policeman who gave his life in defence of the President of the United States during an assassination attempt at the Blair House, Washington DC.  Leslie Coffelt saved the life of President Truman on 1 November 1950.

Alexander Scott.  Medal of Honor CPL CO D 10 VT INF

Thomas Selfridge was a passenger on one of Orville Wright's early flights, and became the world's first air fatality when the plane crashed, also injuring Wright.

Infant August 23 1925.  Child of 1st LT B.R Luscomb USA.