Arlington National Cemetery catch up post 1

Some of the hundreds of photographs Martin and Claire Nicholson took when they went on holiday to the US in June 2016 haven't yet seen the light of day.  The next series of posts will be attempting to put that right and catch up on these.  These graves are all in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC.

Matthew Alexander Henson, Co-Discoverer of the North Pole

Robert Edwin Peary, Discover of North Pole

United States Coastguard World War memorial

Sinking of USS Serpens memorial

The George B. McClellan Gate. Rest on embalmed and sainted dead dear as the blood ye gave.  No impious footsteps here shall tread the herbage of your grave.

Infant son of M Sgt EL Johnson

Inant son of SP3 H D Piggee.