Lexington, Virginia

These plaques are embedded in pavements around Lexington, Virginia.

Frank Padget.  Boatman, slave, savior rescued 49 men from James River flood of 1854 before drowning.

Dr. Ephraim McDowell 1st non-lethal ovariotomy 1809.  Removed 22lb tumor no anesthetic.

Little Sorrel CSA War Horse.  General Jackson's steadfast steed.  Buried at VMI 1997.

William E. Wilcher.  Last man hanged in Lexington, VA Aug. 3, 1906

C. M. Figgat.  Cashier/embezzler.  Broke the Bank of Lexington, fled on the C&O West 1895.

Mel Greenberg.  Confidence man hoodwinked locals Lexington 1974.

Meriwether Lewis 1774-1809.  Commander of the Lewis & Clark expedition.

William Clark of the Lewis & Clark expedition at Shield's Tavern 1809.
Mary McD Greenlee, 1st woman settler.  Feisty tavern keeper.  Regarded as a witch.  Died 1809 at 102 yrs.

Traveller.  Horse of Gen. Robert E. Lee.  Placed by Virginia Div. UDC.  May 8, 1971.  This grave is just outside the chapel with the grave of Robert E. Lee.
Virginia Military Institute

This chapel is in the grounds of the Virginia Military Institute.  He is represented as if sleeping on the battlefield.