2015 - The 7 best final thoughts

Norton in Hales Cemetery, Shropshire

1) "Mothers are angels in training".

2) His wife was "loaned to Norman by God for 61 years".

3) "Mine's a G&T when you get here"

4) James Warren's last words were claimed to be, "Sweet dying, die to live again."

5) "... with red hair and a temperament to match ...".

6) "She taught children to read". The best 5 word epitaph ever!

7) Patricia was the "baker of the world's best chocolate cake"

Unusual gravestones
About the authors - Martin and Claire Nicholson own one of the largest archives of grave related photographs in the world. A selection of their work appears in the blog "Grave Mistakes" that has had over 400,000 hits since it was launched in 2013. Other examples appear in the Facebook group "Social History" where Martin acts as the group administrator.

The authors have viewed millions of gravestones, and are offering readers a selection of the rare and unusual gravestones that they have seen, with full-colour illustrations. Each category of type of gravestone, age of person, cause of death, rare names, and errors found on gravestones are given a points score to indicate rarity.

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 Martin Nicholson - Ticklerton Barn, Ticklerton, Church Stretton, Shropshire