Grave Hunting - Tips and Tales

 A new book for grave hunters everywhere
  • Introduction Why go grave hunting?
  • How to hunt for gravestones safely.
  • When to go grave-hunting.
  • How to find the grave that you want.
  • Photograph the gravestones you have discovered.
  • Should you clean the gravestones?
  • Keeping records during your graveyard visits.
  • Do look inside the church.
  • Be polite and respectful.
  • Churchyard maintenance.
  • How do I find every church?
  • Survival tips!
  • Potential technical disasters.
  • Publicise the results of your grave-hunts.
  • Contact with other grave-hunters.
  • What else have we learned?
  • Research Unexpected pleasures (and disappointments).
  • These are gravestones, but you have to laugh sometimes…..!
  • Review of our year of 2015.
  • More projects.
  • Conclusion.
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