Sandringham, Norfolk - St Mary Magdalene

The church is used regularly by the Royal Family and Estate staff.  It dates back in its present form to the 16th century, and houses many memorials to members and relations of the Royal Family from Queen Victoria onwards.

Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of Saxe Coburg & Gotha, Duke of Edinburgh.

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Albert Victor Christian Edward, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, first born child of Albert Edward and Alexandra, Prince and Princess of Wales.

King George V.

Frederick III, German Emperor and King of Prussia, and Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise, German Empress and Queen of Prussia, Princess Royal of Great Britain and Ireland. 

Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Empress of India.

Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse, and Princess Alice Maud Mary, third child of Queen Victoria.

Window restored and rearranged by C E Kempe & Co.  Wise men see the star, follow the star, Worship of Magi, before Herod.  Centre light old glass.  Six saints in tracery - Erasmus, Agnes, Stephen, Frances, Giles and Apollonia.

The silver altar and reredos were presented to Queen Alexandra by the American department store owner, Rodman Wanamaker, as a tribute to Edward VII

Frederick Hervey, domestic chaplain to King Edward VII and King George V.

Aged 103 years.

Alfred Amos was gamekeeper and head keeper on the estate for 43 years.

Edward Dodd was kennelman and head gamekeeper on the estate for many years.

Sheila MacKinnon was employed in the Royal Household for 27 years.

Clifford Hanslip was a member of the church choir for 55 years.

Alexander MacKinnon was farm manager on the Royal estate from 1937 - 1956.

Thomas H. Cook was in charge of the Royal gardens at Sandringham for 35 years.

Another member of the Cook family, Charles, was also head gardener to their majesties at Windsor and Sandringham from 1924 - 1952.

Prince John, fifth son of King George V and Queen Mary, died in 1919 aged 13 years.