Wells, Somerset - Wells Cathedral

Wells Cathedral is dedicated to St Andrew the Apostle.  It was built between 1175 and 1490 to replace an earlier church on the site since 705.  It's purely Gothic architecture is mostly in the Early English style of the late 12th and early 13th centuries.  It's front bears over 300 sculpted figures.

The strainer arches that support the crossing are popularly known as "scissor arches".

The organ was built in 1909-1910 by Harrison & Harrison of Durham, with the best parts of the earlier organ retained.

Thomas Beckington (or Beckynton), c. 1390 - 1465, was secretary to Henry VI until 1443, and after that was appointed Lord Privy Seal for a year.  He became Bishop of Bath and Wells on 13 October 1443.  His unusual monument depicts his effigy twice, the bottom one depicting his decaying corpse unwrapped from its shroud, and the upper effigy depicting him in his bishop's attire.  He wanted his jester to be buried with him, but when permission was denied, he arranged for a small figure of his jester to be placed on a post above.

A wonderfully ornate memorial, with a Latin inscription.

Abigail, wife of George Hooper, late Bishop of Wells, had nine children, of whom 2 sons and 5 daughters died young and are buried in Lambeth.  She died in 1726, aged 70.  Only one child, a daughter survived her parents.  Note the spelling of uncle in the last line - "Unkle".

Andrew Foster died in 1806 in his 38th year and sixteenth year of service during the capture of the Cape of Good Hope.  "At the head of the Grenadiers of his Regiment he had dislodged from a commanding eminence a very superior number of the enemy when he received a mortal wound". 

John Still, Master of St John's College, Cambridge 1574.  Master of Trinity College, Cambridge 1577.  Bishop of Bath and Wells 1593 - 1601.

John Drokensford, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 1309 - 1329, Treasurer of England.

Peter Davis, Recorder of Wells, and Bencher of the Hon. Society of Lincolns Inn.  The monument was erected by his only surviving son Peter Davis in 1749.

Susanna Letitia Henning died in 1818 aged 55 - "Sudden the Stroke!"

Bert Wheeler devoted his life to the Cathedral, first in the Choir, and then for many years in the Masons Yard.  A true Craftsman.

John Beauchamp was a member of the Cathedral choir, and afterwards was Vicar Choral for 51 years.  He died in 1887 aged 91 years.

The grave of Waite Hockin Stirling, missionary of the South American Missionary Society, who became the first Bishop of the Falkland Islands, 1869 - 1901, and Canon of Wells 1901 - 1920.

Mary Anne Elizabeth outlived 3 husbands.