Sherborne Cemetery, Dorset

Two general views.

Aged 100 years.

Aged 102 years.

Aged 100 years.

I wonder what was the reason for the reference to "A MacDonald..."

Aged 100 years.

8th Marquis de Ruvignes & Raineval de Jure

Coroner for Sherborne.

Grandma Pie.

Aged 101 years.

Peggy died 70 years after her husband, aged 104 years.

A very sad loss, stillborn at seven months.

Aged 100 years.

Charles's first wife was the mother of all his children.

"Yours Aye".

A long-lived family, two 97 year olds, and a 104 year old.

Joan had a stroke which left her blind and helpless for seven years.

A seaman with the New Zealand Navy.

A Dutch serviceman.

HMS St George was a shore based training school on the Isle of Man, set up by the Royal Navy in September 1939.

Aged only 19 years, "One of the few to whom so many owe so much".